CoaguChek Link

The simple way to stay connected with CoaguChek Patient Services. 


Simplify your INR self-testing routing even more with convenient online reporting available with CoaguChek Link, your online connection to CoaguChek Patient Services

  • Report your INR test results securely to CoaguChek Patient Services. 
  • Your doctor will be notified of your INR results and will contact you to make dosage adjustments if needed. 
  • Review all your INR results whenever you like. 
  • Quickly order testing supplies. 
  • Update your personal information if it changes. 

If you are already enrolled in CoaguChek Patient Services, you can use CoaguChek Link.

To sign up, call CoaguChek Patient Services at 1-800-780-0675 to get started.

coaguchek link

With your CoaguChek Link, entering your INR results is as simple as a click of a mouse or a tap on your smartphone.