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Self-testing is all about ease, convenience, and confidence. That's why the CoaguChek XS System is designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. Our products are made to make it easy for you to accurately monitor you PT/INR.

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coaguchek xs

            +CoaguChek XS Meter

  Our easy-to-use, portable device enables
  you to test your own PT/INR at home or
                virtually anywhere.1

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+CoaguChek mPOC

With the new CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit, there's no need to call in results. Our mobile solution automatically transmits them for you.

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                      +CoaguChek Link

      Discover the convenience of reporting online
                      with CoaguChek Link.

the meter makes all the difference. when deciding whether to self-test, consider the following: onboard controls that ensure accurate results, results are provided quickly, it's easy to get a blood sample, the meter is easy to understand and operate, you can test wherever you want to.
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1  The CoaguChek XS system may be used up to a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet. Internet availability required for wireless reporting. 2net™ Hub transmitter works only in the United States and requires a reliable cellular connection.