CoaguChek® XS system for Patient Self-Testing

The CoaguChek XS meter is an easy-to-use, portable device that
allows you to test your own PT/INR at home or virtually anywhere.

Here are just a few reasons the CoaguChek XS system is the top choice of doctors and their patients who require warfarin monitoring:

  • Accurate — The CoaguChek XS system is 97% accurate compared to lab results. It’s the same technology used in physician offices, and it provides consistent results whether used for self-testing or operated by a healthcare professional.1 Perhaps that’s why more PT/INR tests are performed with a CoaguChek system than all other PT/INR meters combined.2
  • Easy to use — Two-button operation, automatic power-on, and a large target area on the test strip, the disposable strip that is inserted into the meter. A drop of blood is applied to the test strip to measure clotting time, simplify testing. Plus, the large, easy-to-read display may reduce the chance of misreading results.
  • Minimal pain — A specially designed lancing device, a pen-like device that pricks the skin with fine needle, or lancet to obtain a blood sample for testing, gets the small drop of blood required from your fingertip.
  • Quick results — Know your PT/INR level in about one minute.
  • Lightweight and portable — Use at home or when you’re out and about — virtually anywhere.
  • Training and support — A professional trainer will work with you to learn how to use the device and ongoing customer support is available whenever you need it.
  • Built-in anti-heparin agent — Ensures accuracy within a specified range across the heparin/LMWH therapeutic range for patients who require postoperative transition back to warfarin3
  • Never pre-owned — At Roche, we believe that each meter should be used by one — and only one — person. While some manufacturers provide users with “recertified” or pre-owned monitoring devices, you can also be confident that your CoaguChek XS meter from Roche is factory new.
  • Medicare coverage — For many patients on long-term warfarin therapy, the CoaguChek XS system, training and supplies are covered by Medicare Part B and private insurance.4,5

When you monitor your PT/INR at home, you’ll work with a service provider such as CoaguChek® Patient Services, who will provide a meter, show you how to run a test and help you stay on track.

There are a variety of providers who can work with you to manage self-testing with a CoaguChek XS meter. However, not all providers offer the same services. If you have your doctor prescribe self-testing through CoaguChek Patient Services, you will receive:

  • Medicare and insurance assistance — An experienced representative will verify your coverage and eligibility and take care of the paperwork for you.
  • In-person training — A certified professional will sit down with you at home or in your doctor’s office to provide step-by-step instructions for running a test and reporting the results.
  • Access to CoaguChek Link — Our online portal makes it easy to report results or order supplies any time. CoaguChek Link seamlessly connects you, your doctor and CoaguChek Patient Services, so your results can be reviewed and acted upon immediately.
  • Result management — Whenever you perform a test, you can report the result by phone or online, where it will be shared with your physician. If a result falls outside your target range, your doctor will be alerted so your dose can be managed as needed.
  • Supplies delivered to your door — Everything you need can be ordered online or by phone, so you have test strips and supplies when it’s time to test.
  • Friendly reminders — Gentle encouragement by phone or email can help you stick to the testing schedule recommended by your doctor.

Make sure your doctor prescribes the CoaguChek XS meter and test strips through CoaguChek Patient Services to ensure you enjoy all the advantages you’ve read about on this site.

If you have a mechanical heart valve, chronic atrial fibrillation, or venous thromboembolism, and you’re on long-term warfarin therapy, Medicare Part B may cover meter training, services, equipment and supplies for monitoring your PT/INR at home with a portable handheld meter.1

Many private insurance companies also cover PT/INR self-testing.2

Should you and your doctor decide that you should begin home monitoring with the CoaguChek® XS system, your service provider will work with your insurance carrier or
Medicare to make sure you take full advantage of your benefits.

CoaguChek XS – Easy, Fast, Precise

Put a test strip in the CoaguChek XS

1) Put a test strip in the CoaguChek XS

Prick your finger with the Roche Softclix lancing device

2) Prick your finger with the Roche Softclix lancing device a drop of blood on the strip

3) a drop of blood on the strip

After about one minute, read the result on the CoaguChek XS display

4) After about one minute, read the result on the CoaguChek XS display

For a more complete explanation of the testing procedure, watch the CoaguChek XS handling video below.

  1. 97% correlation with lab results using Dade Innovin reagent. See package insert for more information. CoaguChek XS PT Test [package insert 05967694001(05)]. Indianapolis, Ind.: Roche Diagnostics; 2016
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  3. The CoaguChek XS PT Test strip neutralizes heparin (up to 0.8 U/mL) and LMWh (up to 2.0 U/ML) as long as the INR is below 2.9.
  4. Medicare Part B provides coverage for use of home PT/INR monitoring for chronic, oral anticoagulation management for patients with mechanical heart valves, chronic atrial fibrillation, or venous thromboembolism (inclusive of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism) on warfarin. The monitor and the home testing must be prescribed by a treating physician and other requirements must also be met to qualify for coverage. Under private insurance, coverage varies by plan. Consult your health insurance provider for details regarding coverage.
  5. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. National Coverage Determination (NCD) for Home Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) Monitoring for Anticoagulation Management (190.11)/ Available at Accessed April 29, 2014.