cobas® IT 1000

Flexible connectivity puts control at your fingertips


The cobas IT 1000 application is a fully integrated management solution. Enabling management of instrument configurations, tests, materials and instruments, the solution also has quality control and reporting functions.

With the cobas IT 1000 application, you can connect to many third-party point-of-care devices as well as Roche solutions and products for point-of-care INR testing, including CoaguChek® XS Plus and CoaguChek XS Pro. 

The cobas IT 1000 application has the flexible connectivity to make point-of-care INR testing easier and more efficient. Here are some of its features and capabilities:

  • Enterprise-wide connectivity to devices and electronic medical record systems
  • Automated operator management 
  • Customizable user training
  • Integration with external learning management systems for operator certification
  • Reporting and data export tools to assist with regulatory compliance