CoaguChek® XS Pro

Empowering healthcare providers to obtain accurate results at the point of care

Like the CoaguChek XS Plus, the CoaguChek XS Pro has data management capabilities, enabling healthcare professionals to efficiently manage warfarin patients at the point of care. Additionally, CoaguChek XS Pro features an integrated barcode scanner to minimize data entry errors and offers the ability to customize quality control ranges based on internal guidelines.1


The CoaguChek XS Pro empowers healthcare providers to perform INR tests easily and accurately. 


Test in any environment. Accurate and flexible technology provides results in about one minute and has quality control options, including on-board controls and optional liquid quality controls. 


Streamline data management. The CoaguChek XS Pro can store 2,000 test results and 500 quality control results. Additionally, it gives healthcare providers the ability to denote patient IDs and add comments.


Produce accurate results with ease. Only a small sample size is required, obtained through a fingerstick, and the icon-driven touch-screen interface makes testing a simple and intuitive process.


Minimize data entry errors. The CoaguChek XS Pro features an integrated barcode scanner to help simplify workflow and eliminate errors associated with manual data entry. 

the coaguchek xs pro delivers accurate results with 97% correlation to the lab

In addition, only CoaguChek XS systems are designed with the following:

  • CoaguChek technology reduces heparin interference for more accurate results.
  • Monitoring of warfarin therapy with a single-strip platform for consistency in PT/INR results across the continuum of care


  1. See CoaguChek XS Pro manual for more information
  2. 97% correlation with lab results using Dade Innovin reagent. CoaguChek XS PT Test [package insert 05967694001(05)]. Indianapolis, Ind.: Roche Diagnostics; 2016.