CoaguChek® XS mPOC

Wireless reporting made easy


Now it’s easier than ever for your patients to report their PT/INR results. With the CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit, wireless technology seamlessly transmits PT/INR results from your patient’s meter directly to CoaguChek Link, where you can access test results almost instantly, and adjust your patient’s warfarin dosage as needed. 


What’s included:

The CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit comes with everything your patients need for safe, simple and convenient PT/INR reporting:

  • CoaguChek XS meter enables patients to test their own PT/INR at home or virtually anywhere.1
  • A SmartClip attaches to the CoaguChek XS meter. It works with our iOS smartphone app2 to wirelessly transmit test results.
  • 2net™ Hub transmitter plugs into a wall outlet. Patients can use it to send results if they don’t want to use the smartphone app. 
  • mPOC Getting Started Guide gives patients easy, step-by-step instructions.
mPoc Device
the patient performs the pt/inr test, the results are wirelessly transmitted to coaguchek link and coaguchek patient services, the results shown on your patient's meter are the same results you see on coaguchek link


  1. The CoaguChek XS system may be used up to a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet. Internet availability required for wireless reporting. 2net™ Hub transmitter works only in the United States and requires a reliable cellular connection.
  2. App available to download from the Apple® App Store.