CoaguChek® XS

PT/INR patient self-testing made easier

Your patients can self-test at home or virtually anywhere3 with the trusted leader in PT/INR testing. The CoaguChek XS meter for PT/INR self-testing features the same technology that’s used in many physician offices and clinics. Whether it’s in a doctor’s office, clinic or at home, standardized CoaguChek systems use the same reliable technology which means providers can count on consistent and accurate results.

Designed for comfort, convenience and easy reporting:


Easy to use. The meter features two-button operation, automatic power-on and a large, easy-to-read display. Just one drop of blood is applied to the test strip to measure clotting time.

Minimal pain. A specially designed lancing device pricks the skin with a thin needle, or lancet, to obtain a blood sample for testing.

Fast results. The CoaguChek XS displays PT/INR results in about a minute.

Lightweight and portable. Patients can use it at home or when they’re out and about.3

Expert training and support. Certified trainers – who are also healthcare professionals – are available to visit your patient’s home and provide instruction on how to self-test. Or you may choose to train patients at your own office or clinic.

Online reporting. With CoaguChek Link, entering PT/INR results is as simple as a click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone.

24/7 support. If you or your patients have questions, live technical support is always available.



XS Device

Get accurate, consistent results:

Consistent. CoaguChek solutions provide confidence in clinical decision making with 97% correlation to the lab.

Accurate. CoaguChek technology reduces heparin interference for more accurate results.

CoaguChek XS – Easy
first, put a strip in the coaguchek xs, stick your finger with the coaguchek softclix lancing devices, place one drop of blood on the test strip, after about one minute, read the result on the coaguchek xs display


  1. 97% correlation with lab results using Dade Innovin reagent on a Sysmex 560 Analyzer. See CoaguChek XS PT test strip package insert for more information.
  2. GHX Market Intelligence. Data on file at Roche Diagnostics.
  3. Maximum altitude 14,000 feet (4,300 meters) See CoaguChek XS owners booklet for additional details. 
  4. See CoaguChek XS PT Test package insert for more information.