CoaguChek® Link

Streamline patient management with online reporting

CoaguChek Link is your anytime, anywhere PT/INR results management solution that offers a more streamlined approach to managing patients wherever testing takes place. Using CoaguChek Link, your self-testing patients can securely report their PT/INR test results online to CoaguChek Patient Services, which makes their results immediately available to you. 


CoaguChek Link supports your practice by helping you:

Improve efficiency. Gain instant access to the patient details you need to provide efficient, individualized care.

Optimize decision-making. Real-time results enable you to make warfarin treatment decisions when they matter most – immediately.

Enhance patient satisfaction. By offering patients the freedom to self-test and report their PT/INR results online, you can encourage patients to actively participate in their care. 

the easy way to manage self-testing pt/inr patients, update patient information and access therapy trends, pt/inr histories and dosages, whenever and wherever it's convenient, receive alerts for results that fall outside your patients' target ranges and for missed tests, enroll new patients online simply and easily

It’s simple, streamlined and secure


  • Web-based solution means there is no software to install or update
  • Can integrate with electronic health records through HL7
  • Separate interfaces for healthcare professionals and patients
  • Robust functionality includes patient tracking, dosing data, reporting and compliance
  • Includes a link to customizable dosing algorithms
  • Compliant with HIPAA regulations as well as our own stringent, product security requirements

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For more information, call CoaguChek Patient Services at 1-800-780-0675.