CoaguChek® Link


CoaguChek® Link offers a more streamlined approach to managing patients regardless of where testing occurs


CoaguChek Link is the effective solution for anticoagulation management of all of your patients on warfarin.

CoaguChek Link supports your practice by helping you achieve:

  • Practice efficiency: patient data in one place gives you instant access to the details you need to provide efficient, individualized care
  • Optimized decision-making: real-time results allow you to make treatment decisions when they matter most — immediately
  • Higher quality of care: improving patient compliance can help them stay ahead of potential risks and adverse events
  • Patient satisfaction: offering the freedom to test at home and report online can help increase adherence and overall patient satisfaction

As an added benefit, CoaguChek Link is the efficient solution for managing your anticoagulation patients who test at home with CoaguChek® Patient Services.

  • Update patient information and access therapy trends, INR histories, dosages, etc., whenever, wherever it’s convenient
  • Keep patients safe by receiving alerts for results that fall outside your patients’ target range and for missed tests.
  • Enroll new patients online in 3 easy steps




Frequently asked questions


Do we need to install special software?

No. CoaguChek Link is a web-based solution, so theres no software to install or update. Its available anywhere you have internet access.

Will CoaguChek Link integrate with electronic health records?

Yes. The solution  can integrate with EHR systems through HL7.

Will my patients see the same screens as my staff?

Patients and professionals can each access the same data, but their interfaces are quite different. Patient views are simplified, as they are used to enter and track their own results. The step-by-step patient process is streamlined, so patients can enter data and order supplies quickly and easily.

What can I see as a Healthcare Professional?

In addition to patient test results, you can track patient data such as warfarin dosing and therapeutic questions, generate trend reports, check patient compliance, see if someone has completed training and more. You can also enroll patients with CoaguChek Patient Services and sign forms online using our secure eSignature feature. In addition, you can review practice-wide reports to show time in therapeutic range and billing.

Is there a warfarin dosing tool?

CoaguChek Link provides a customizable dosing algorithm link, so you can access the protocol of your choice. This can be easily reviewed in tandem with PT/INR test results, to help inform your decisions.

How secure is the platform?

Roche takes patient data security very seriously. CoaguChek Link is compliant with HIPAA regulations as well as our own stringent, state-of-the-art product security requirements.