CoaguChek® XS Pro


Simplified testing, enhanced connectivity and barcode scanning for high-throughput settings
This battery-powered, handheld meter is portable and efficient, ideal for mid- to high-volume clinical settings. The integrated barcode scanner virtually eliminates manual entry errors. Plus, you can test and treat in one appointment, using the fingerstick test that patients prefer.1


  • 97% accuracy to lab for confidence in results2
  • Neutralizes therapeutic levels of heparin and low molecular weight heparin within a specified range2,3
  • INR corrected for wide range of hematocrit
  • Two levels of built-in, onboard controls within the test chamber — no external QC necessary

Easy to use
  • Test results in about one minute with a small 8 μl sample
  • Large top- and side-dosing area enables easy sample application
  • Outside meter blood application — minimizes potential for cross-contamination2
  • Calibration information is provided by a code chip included in all strip vials — no manual calibration, pipetting or preparation of reagents are needed
  • Up to 21-month strip shelf life from date of manufacture — no refrigeration needed
  • Icon-driven, color touchscreen interface

  • Integrated barcode scanner provides a quick, simple way to capture patient and operator IDs
  • Stores 2,000 patient and 500 optional liquid QC results
  • Ability to denote patient ID in several fields and add comments after results
  • Data storage for up to 60 code chips
  • Bidirectional data transfer with RALS Plus as well as connectivity with TELCOR QML or through POCT1A
  • Operator and QC lockout capabilities



The CoaguChek® XS Pro instrument kit contains:

  • 1 CoaguChek XS Pro instrument
  • 1 Handheld power supply unit
  • 1 printed manual in English
  • 1 CD-ROM with other languages: German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch

Additional required components are CoaguChek XS PT Test strips (in a vial)

  • Box with 2 vials of 24 strips with a code chip
  • Box with 1 vial of 24 strips with a code chip

 Optional accessories

  • Handheld base unit kit: docking station (to reload the battery pack and transfer data to a computer)
  • Handheld battery pack: option instead of standard batteries or power supply (to gain flexibility)

Optional international 1 level CoaguChek XS PT-control kit including:  See comment for XS Plus4 vials with a concentration of ~ 2.0 INR

  • 4 diluent-filled droppers
  • 1 code chip
  • Package insert

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Measurement Time Approximately one minute  
User interface Icon-drive, color touchscreen interface  
Measuring Range 0.8 - 8.0 INR  
Coding Code key  
Sample Application Point  Outside the meter  
Memory Capacity 2,000 patient test results; 500 optional liquid QC results  

Infrared interface

Auto Power

Auto-on with strip insertion;

auto off in three minutes

Power Supply Four AA batteries, power supply adaptor or optional rechargeable battery pack  
Operating Temperature +59°F to +90°F  
Relative Humidity Up to 85%  
Maximum Altitude 14,000 ft.  


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How do the CoaguChek XS Pro and CoaguChek XS Plus systems differ?

The key difference is the presence of an integrated barcode scanner located on the side of the meter. This scanner is used to capture
patient and operator IDs from printed barcodes. This enhances safety and eases workflows in busy settings. All CoaguChek systems use the same test strip and provide the same consistently accurate results.

How long can a strip be out of the vial before testing?

Open vial stability is up to 10 minutes maximum. Having the strip out of the vial for too long, especially in high-humidity or
high-temperature environments, could damage the integrity of the strip. This would be detected by the onboard quality controls, and result in a QC error message. If a strip is compromised, no INR is displayed, eliminating the risk of incorrect results.

Can the strip be redosed if too little blood has been applied?

Because coagulation begins immediately, the strip cannot be
redosed. If a blood sample is insufficient, they will need to run a new test with a new strip and a blood sample from a different finger.

What if blood is applied before the meter is ready?

An error message will appear on the screen and a new test must be performed using a new test strip and a different finger.

What if a test strip has expired?

The code key provided with each vial of test strips helps ensure that expired strips are not used. If the test strip has expired, an error appears on the display and the test will not proceed.

Is there anything that might interfere with the CoaguChek test?

Please refer to the latest test strip package insert for a list of
interfering substances and other system limitations.

  1. Giles T and Roffidal L. Results of the Prothrombin Office-Testing Benefit Evaluation (PROBE). Cardiovascular Reviews and Reports. 2002;23(1):27-33.
  2. 97% correlation with lab results using Dade Innovin reagent. See package insert for more information. CoaguChek XS PT Test [package insert 05967694001(05)]. Indianapolis, Ind.: Roche Diagnostics; 2016
  3. The CoaguChek XS PT Test strip neutralizes heparin (up to 0.8 U/mL) and LMWh (up to 2.0 U/ML) as long as the INR is below 2.9.