CoaguChek® mPOC

CoaguChek Patient Services offers you and your patient self-testers a more convenient way to report and review real-time results

The new CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit is a mobile point-of-care (mPOC) solution that works effortlessly with your self-testing patient’s CoaguChek XS meter to automatically transmit PT/INR test results from their meter at home to CoaguChek Patient Services and you via CoaguChekLink. This enables patients to test at their prescribed frequency on their terms, while allowing you to manage their therapy on yours using real-time, accurate and reliable results.

The CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit includes the SmartClip attachment and the 2net™ Hub and Getting Started Guide.

A valuable and convenient resource for you and your patients enrolled with CoaguChek Patient Services

With the CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit, your patients can test at their prescribed frequency on their terms and you can easily manage their therapy on yours using reliable results transmitted wirelessly into CoaguChek Link. It’s win-win for you and your patients.

Reporting PT/INR results with the CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit is:

Reliable—Results shown on your patient’s meter are the results you see.

Efficient—Results are automatically reported directly into CoaguChek Link, so you can easily manage your patients’ therapy anytime, anywhere.

Flexible—Testing that accommodates your patients’ schedules and yours too.

The CoaguCHek XS mPOC Kit is exclusively available through CoaguChek Patient Services.

How can your patients get started using the CoaguChek XS mPOC Kit?

It’s easy. All your patients need to do to begin enjoying the freedom and convenience of reporting their PT/INR results wirelessly from their meter to CoaguChek Patient Services and you is call 1-800-779-7616 today.

*A one-time technology fee is required.