CoaguChek® Products

With a single strip platform and consistently accurate results across the care continuum, the CoaguChek brand is a reliable and trusted partner for in-office and patient self-testing. In fact, more CoaguChek test strips are sold for point-of-care anticoagulation monitoring than all other brands combined. You can be confident that your patients receive accurate results on which you can base therapy decisions.


CoaguChek XS: INR testing at-home or in a clinic 

Small, easy to use, accurate: Use the CoaguChek XS in your office or train your patients to test at home to manage their own dosage. 

CoaguChek XS Plus Professional Meter: When record keeping is a must

Offering the same accuracy and ease of use as the CoaguChek XS, with patient/operator identification and connectivity added. 

CoaguChek XS Pro Professional Meter:  Easy, accurate plus a barcode reader

Combines all benefits of the CoaguChek XS and XS Plus Professional Meter with a focus on hospital workflows by adding a barcode scanner to facilitate ID capture. 

  1. 97% correlation to Dade Innovin on Sysmex instrument. Refer to package insert. CoaguChek® XS PT Test [package insert 05967694001 (03)]. Indianapolis, Ind.: Roche Diagnostics; 2013.