• "I appreciate the opportunity to home test, thus getting an immediate result. I do not have to go to a facility and wait for them to report to the doctor. It saves me time and worry. I love the system!"

    66 yr old Female, 8 months with CoaguChek Patient Services

High quality patient management

Why CoaguChek Patient Services?

When you prescribe the CoaguChek® XS system for patient self-testing, you want to be sure you and your patients will have access to the support required to effectively manage care. CoaguChek Patient Services is the only independent diagnostic testing facility with access to the breadth of resources provided by Roche, the U.S. leader in point-of-care anticoagulation monitoring.1 You can rely on us for seamless service and support, including:

Responsive Service and Thoughtful Customer Care

  • Patient education and training
  • Insurance verification and prior authorization
  • Meter and test supplies shipping
  • Timely results reporting
  • Reliable patient management services
  • Patient test reminder program
  • Support devoted solely to patients testing with the CoaguChek XS system, which is never pre-owned or refurbished.
  • 24-hour expert technical product support

CoaguChek Patient Services is here to assist you and your self-testing patients with a broad range of customizable services.


Our Services

CoaguChek® Patient Services is the only independent diagnostic testing facility that offers comprehensive compliance support dedicated solely to patients testing with the CoaguChek products you know and trust. And, because CoaguChek Patient Services is offered by Roche Diagnostics, the U.S. leader in anticoagulation monitoring products,1 you can feel confident that you have the resources to help your patients achieve better PT/INR outcomes.

CoaguChek Patient Services Includes:

Compliance Program

Gentle reminders to help your patient stay on the testing schedule you prescribed, and let you know if a patient forgets to report a result after a couple of reminders.

Test Result Reporting and Management

Results are communicated to you according to your preferences and your protocol for responding to out-of-range values. If a test result falls outside your patient’s prescribed target range, CoaguChek Patient Services provides that information to you within a time frame you request.

Insurance Verification and Billing

Time-consuming paperwork is taken care of, meaning less hassle for you, your staff and your patients.

24/7 Technical Support

If your patients have a question about using the CoaguChek XS System for PST, they can speak to a knowledgeable CoaguChek meter professional any time – day or night – by calling 1-800-428-4674.

Comprehensive, Face-to-Face Training

Your patients (or their caregivers) will be trained on how to operate the easy-to-use CoaguChek XS System for PST in the comfort of their home, your office or at another location of their choice. You may also become certified to provide training to your patients if that is your preference.

Home Delivery of Testing Supplies

Test strips, lancets and other supplies can easily be reordered online or by phone to help ensure your patients test as often as you prescribe with no interruptions.

Convenient Online Support

CoaguChek Link is our flexible and easy-to-use web-based application through which your patients can enter results, and you can track and manage their anticoagulation therapy.

  1. More CoaguChek test strips are sold for point-of-care anticoagulation testing than all other brands combined. GHX Market Intelligence Data on file at Roche Diagnostics. 2010.