CoaguChek® Patient Services

A partner in self-testing for you and your patients

When you offer your patients the freedom to test their INR at home with the CoaguChek INR monitoring device, you can help ensure their success by working with CoaguChek Patient Services. Think of us as your partner in implementing a patient self-testing program that meets your needs to provide clinical care. The CoaguChek Vantus system and CoaguChek Patient Services provide a dependable and patient-centric experience, both for your anticoagulation patients and your clinic, ultimately enhancing patient care.

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At your service

Comprehensive services, dedicated support

As your partner, we’re committed to supporting your patient self-testing program so that it runs effectively and efficiently. We handle the administrative tasks associated with enrolling your patients in the INR self-testing program and offer 24/7 dedicated product support for patients, physicians and clinics.

A full array of support - at every step

From patient education and insurance verification to testing reminders for patients, we have the structure and resources to maximize patient engagement and support a successful experience for your patients and you.   

Learn about insurance coverage for INR self-testing and information on billing here.

cps services
Getting a patient started

Flexible reporting options

Convenience is at the heart of self-testing with CoaguChek Patient Services. That’s why we offer your patients multiple ways to report their results, including:

answers at hand

Find answers, right at hand 

When patients are considering PT/INR self-testing, they’re going to have a lot of questions. To help you provide answers, we have a resource library of easy-to-understand, shareable information sources, including these handy downloads and informational videos:



For more information, visit our Resources or FAQs section, or give CoaguChek Patient Services a call at 1-800-780-0675.



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  2. The presence of anti-phospholipid antibodies (APAs) such as Lupus antibodies (LA) can potentially lead to prolonged clotting times, i.e., elevated INR values. A comparison to an APA-insensitive laboratory method is recommended if the presence of APAs is known or suspected. See CoaguChek XS PT Package insert for additional details. 
  3. Bluetooth connectivity requires a smartphone or tablet. Minimum specifications required. Call 1-800-780-0675 for a list of supported devices and operating systems.